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Skale 12 Pack Kit

Skale 12 Pack Kit


Kit includes 12 Skale Pods and 6 Skale Wall Plates.  A 12 Pack Kit creates approx 0.27 sq metres (2.90 sq feet) of vertical garden. Expand your wall by using extra kits or purchase Pods and Plates separately. Scroll down for full details and video in the description below.

Use the calculator to calculate how many kits you will need for your project.

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This 12 Pack Kit contains 12 Skale™ Pods and 6 Skale Wall Plates.

It is the most convenient way to get started with a vertical garden inside or out, edible or visual. Skale creates a beautiful vertical garden the day you install it, even if you choose to begin with seedlings. Skale™ Wall Plates simply clip together to create our beautiful “Fish Skale” pattern. This modular system enables you to clip together Plates in the desired layout. Extend your vertikal garden up to any size by combining multiple packs to create a larger area of cover.

Plates have mounting holes that make it easy to attach your Plates to a wall. Each Skale Pod incorporates a reservoir for hydration and oxygenation & includes geo textile pad.

1 Plate holds 2 Skale™ Pods. A 12 Pack Kit creates approx 0.27 sq metres (2.90 sq feet) of vertical garden. Plants and soil not included.

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 21.5 × 37.1 cm