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Vertical Gardens – breathing life into buildings

A Vertical Garden is a stunning way to bring the many benefits of rich plant life into the built environment, whether it be an internal or external wall.

Vertigro is here to ensure you Vertical Garden project is a DIY success; its about good planning and careful preparation and help you understand how each of components supports your Vertical Garden continued growth.

When you stand there staring at your completed project – patting yourself on the back, you’ll know everything is in place to ensure it looks even more vibrant in a years time.

Giving you creative license

Our Skale pod and bracket system allows you the freedom to create standard or custom shaped vertical gardens, due to its innovative “fish scale” offset grid design. The modular system is engineered to make the installation process very user friendly.

The modular Skale system allowed me to easily bring to life something that I had designed. Vertigro's plan and prep 'know-how' meant it was more playful & rewarding than most DIY experiences

Nick Richter - Architect and DIY enthusiast

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We love vertical gardens, building one can be a very rewarding process.

After many years of installing vertical gardens we have learned a trick or two and we are happy to share them, so when you finish your project you look like a pro.

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